Mindful on the Mat & at the Polls

As a yogi and advocate of community outreach I have always been inspired by fellow yogis joining movements to improve their community, and strengthen the ties that bind us together as a tribe.

When I first heard about YogaVotes, the qualities of activism etched in my mind from hours of nonprofit public health canvassing came rushing back. It was when I was most directly involved in lobbying some two years ago that I was beginning my journey into the yoga world. So, it only makes sense now that I have grown in my practice; that I have re-entered into the world of advocacy rooted as a yogi.

I truly believe that we can take all of the qualities that we harness each day through yoga and use them to make a impact with our elected officials by taking action. We are engaged members of the yoga community simply because we practice and care for one another. It isn’t so different from reaching out to a legislator, some of whom live right down the street from us, and all of which put their pants on one leg at a time. It’s our responsibility as their yogi constituents to let those that represent the voice of the people, understand what that voice really stands for. United we can make a world of difference.

As yogis it is in our nature to be mindful on the mat, and at the Polls! There are so many ways to get involved with YogaVotes. As a nonpartisan forum for yogis to connect, engage, and advocate for change; the universe is the limit! To start the easiest thing to do is simply declare that you are going to vote this year by signing the YogaVotes Pledge. If you are an advocate looking for more, there are many ways to extend your energy as a studio partner and as a leader in the community: Get Involved any way you can

Election Day is November 6th Yogis! Don’t forget to register under your current address, join the YogaVotes campaign, and make the movement move!!

Sondra Bloxam is the founder of YogaGrow, Outreach Director for Yogi Roots, Ambassador for the Yoga Health Foundation, and Leader for OTM's YogaVotes in Portland. Sondra is strengthening the yoga community in the Northwest by connecting yogis with local festivals, conferences, and events to grow their practice through YogaGrow. Learn more at: http://yogagrow.wordpress.com/

3 responses to “Mindful on the Mat & at the Polls”

  1. Melisa Holmes

    Sondra, I love seeing you use your advocacy skills in such meaningful (and mindful) ways! What a natural pairing for you. Keep up the great work that you are doing!

  2. Cherisse Eatmon

    Love the connection that you’ve highlighted between advocacy and yoga! Keep up the great work and continue empowering others to make their voice heard!

  3. Mark Bennett

    You say “As yogis it is in our nature to be mindful on the mat, and at the Polls!” This is absurd. A true yogi’s desire is to love God with all heart and being. To extol any other principal is to corrupt yoga.