Today is the day we act.

Over the last five years at Off the Mat, Into the World, I have witnessed what is possible when we take our yoga practice into our lives. It is informing the ways that we spend our money. It shows up in our choices about what we eat. Around the world, yogis are finding their voice and stepping into leadership in their communities. Yoga is influencing the way that we relate to one another and raise our children. Yoga is everywhere, and politics is no exception.

Today is the day we take action. In this election, EVERY vote counts. Whether you are in a swing state, or a red state, or a blue state – we are all in this as a collective nation and our voice will speak volumes about what we stand for. But more than that, voting is a way of claiming your place in society. It fiercely states “I deserve to be heard and will stand up for what i believe in”. It reflects your commitment to being a part of something bigger than yourself. That is yoga.

Take a moment today to consider who you are and what’s at stake for you in this election. These are critical times that call us up so that we can participate in the most clear, conscious and compassionate way. Contemplate your choices carefully and remember that your contribution impacts others.

Many have fought and died for the right to vote. How will you use this very important action to serve the greater good and make the world a better place?

About the Author

Kerri was drawn to yoga in the late 90s after a series of running and sports-related injuries, Kerri quickly discovered the power of yoga, not only as a way to heal her body, but as a spiritual tool to change her life. Inspired by this, she left a successful career in marketing to dedicate herself to empowering others through yoga. Kerri has been teaching yoga for seven years and continues to explore many styles of yoga to ensure creativity and balance in her classes. She has been greatly influenced and inspired She is the Director of Possibility for non-profit, Off the Mat, Into the World and is committed to mobilizing the yoga community around purpose and positive social change.