Download the tools below and consider yourself armed to help your friends, family, and fellow yogis navigate the voting process with ease and ensure your community is on the frontlines of creating the first ever nationwide constituency of conscious voters.

Learn how the network of YogaVoters across the country are using these tools most powerfully on the YogaVotes leadership calls. We will have guest speakers, how-tos, and creative brainstorming sessions. Sign up here!

YogaVotes Poster (pdf)

We hope to see this poster on studio bulletin boards, living room windows and at events across the country! Download, print, and post!

Voters Guide (pdf)

This snazzy guide contains information about YogaVotes, voting & election basics, and how to vote from the heart. Printing note: This is a 2-sided document so please make sure your printer settings are set to print 2-sides, then fold and enjoy!

Widget (html)

Spruce your personal or studio website up with your very own Pledge to Vote widget! Just copy and paste the code found here.

Workshop Template (pdf)

Lead yoga students through creating an embodied experience of civic engagement. Host a workshop and help others find their voice and feel their power.

Logo (jpeg)

New and improved! Use this on all things YogaVotes related. Please remember that YogaVotes is a nonpartisan campaign and to avoid using the logo in any partisan contexts.

Pledge to Vote! Email (html)

Send this out with a personal note to get your students, friends, family, studios, book club, church group, raw foods group and bridge group to pledge to vote! If you are new to html emails, please reach out to Mariah at

YogaVotes Sign-Up Sheet (pdf)

Help us capture more yogis across the country who are pledging to YogaVote! Encourage sign-ups at every event you lead.

Voting Circle Curriculum (pdf)

You’ve pledged to vote, now who and what do you vote for? The YogaVotes Voting Circle Curriculum makes it easy for you to gather your friends and, in community, clarify your position, contemplate your choices and complete your own customized ballot to bring with you to the polls. When considering what is at stake this election, this small circle model utilizes the power of collaboration to support you in finding your voice.

Debate Watching Guide (pdf)

Do the debates make your stomach lurch? Is it challenging for you to put the candidates’ claims into context? Bring your friends together to watch the debates (10/16 and 10/22) and use this guide to stay embodied, centered, and informed. Learn to listen fully and hold differing viewpoints without yelling at the TV screen (or your friends and family members).